About the Artist



I was born on the west coast of B.C. where nature has always been my inspiration and constant companion.  I spent much of my childhood  on the Gulf Islands , then graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of B.C.   I became a teacher, a wife, a busy mother, a dedicated equestrian and a breeder of crazy Jack Russells.  We lived on acreage outside Vancouver in a quiet beach town with our horses, goats, chickens.  The local art galleries were never far away.




Nature has always been a vital part of my work, even when life gets hectic or busy.   It‘s always been there for me, waiting patiently for me to pause, observe, reflect, appreciate. Throughout the years I have tried various mediums in my effort to capture and share the gifts that Nature offers.  More recently I enjoy painting with oils, both in the studio and especially outside en plein air.  This fall I enjoyed a plein air painting excursion to Croatia with BC artist Gaye Adams.  My husband and I currently divide our time between our horse farm in south Langley, BC and our winter home amongst the rugged canyons in Tucson, Arizona.  

When I paint, my goal is to capture the essence of how a scene makes me feel, honouring that which makes me pause and reflect.   I am forever grateful, especially in these hurried, often stressful times, when nature is increasingly ignored and sadly abused, that I can share her gifts with you.  



My paintings can be found on display in the Cascade Playhouse in White Rock, BC, and in many homes throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland as well as in Tucson, Arizona .   This spring my portfolio was juried by the Federation of Canadian Artists and I was honoured to be granted Active Member status.